Commercial Lines

Protecting your business

Whether you’re seeking protection for your business through one of our general business insurance markets or through one of our industry specific programs, we have your business protected with commercial auto, property, worker’s compensation, general liability, umbrella/excess liability, business owners, cyber liability, professional liability and employer benefits insurance, and much more. With the ability to customize your insurance program to fit your needs, we can be your one-stop source for a full range of insurance products.

Getting a quote is easy - just give a call to one of our experienced staff or fill out one of our free no-obligation quote forms and you'll be on your way. So contact us today and let us answer your insurance questions.

Protecting the physical property associated with your business.

Protecting your business is one of the most important aspects of your insurance program. Let Goen & Goen become your trusted source for business insurance. With a customized policy created to fit your situation, we can protect your largest asset – your business. We have your business protected with options for commercial auto, property, general liability, workers compensation, umbrella/excess liability, business owners, professional liability, and much more. Goen & Goen can be your one-stop source for all of your business insurance products.

Our rates are very competitive and it is easy to get a quote. Just call one of our agents or customer service representatives, or fill out an online quote form and we can get to work to protect you.

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Protecting your business owned autos.

If part of your business includes driving a vehicle, you need a commercial auto policy. Goen & Goen has the markets to find you the best deal on your commercial auto coverages. From liability to full coverage, our companies are some of the most competitive around. If you have a single vehicle or a complex fleet of vehicles, give us a call or complete an online quote request form and you will be driving down the road in no time.

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Protecting your business against claims made by others.

If you are in business, you most likely deal with another person, or another person’s property. If you do, you need protection in case that person is injured or the property is damaged. Even if it is not your fault the person was hurt, you still may need to defend yourself. Our companies offer a competitive program to protect your business in case something goes wrong. Call Goen & Goen to discuss what exposures you have related to your business, and let’s design a policy around your specific needs. You may also need to consider the extra liability protection of an umbrella policy. We can discuss these plans and see what works for you.

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The Farm and Ranch owners policy combines the personal insurance of your homeowners policy with the business insurance of your farm or ranch. This policy can include coverages for your home,
a tenant dwelling, barns, your tractors and other farm equipment, and your farm liability. You can add special coverages for livestock, spoilage of goods and supplies, and many other options.

Goen & Goen has several companies that offer farm and ranch policies. We can work to get a total package of your home and total operation, or we can tailor the policy to include the coverages you need.

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If you are a farmer, crop insurance can keep you in business during a disaster year. Our crop insurance companies have adjusters that are specialized to help you when your crop does not make your guarantee.
With fast turnaround from crop damage to a crop insurance check, Goen & Goen will help keep you in business and help keep the cash flow going like you need it. You can choose a policy that will help compensate for lower prices as well as make up for a loss in pounds or bushels from your crop. Whether you need a full multi-peril policy, enterprise units, crop hail, rainfall protection, or other options, we have a policy that will work for your operation.

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If you are a trucker, you realize that you play a part in keeping America’s economy moving. But with that, you also need to protect yourself while driving down the road. Trucker’s liability coverage is the way to do that.
Goen & Goen can write your liability coverage at a competitive rate so you can keep driving. We also offer comprehensive and collision coverages for your truck and trailer, and we can also insure your cargo in case of an accident. Whether you are on one-truck operation or a large fleet driving coast to coast let Goen & Goen cover your exposures so you have the peace of mind to keep the economy moving.

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